Fantastic Four vs. Man of Steel



on 8/12/2015

As bad as Man of Steel turned out, at least it wasn't FF bad.

on 2/11/2016

Both Man of Steel and Trank's Fant4stic started at just okay and then went downhill from there, but Fant4stik has an added stink in the last third of the film when it goes completely off the rails. At least Man of Steel's final act didn't seem like it was cobbled together like a junior high science project.

on 2/11/2016

Man of Steel was Zack Snyder nadir, and still Fantastic Four is better.

on 2/11/2016

As bad as Fant4stic is, I'd rather sit through that film again than Man of Steel. Man of Steel was horribly misguided, and I'm still surprised it has its fair share of defenders. Space Jesus, people, Space frickin' Jesus.

on 2/12/2016

Naw, Man of Steel's alright. There's bullshit in it, but at least they finally stitched on a pair of balls to that heretofore smooth grundal region that Supes carries 'neath his dorky red over-underpants. FF was maudlin and weirdly bereft of any real attempt at fun.