Tangerine vs. The Hateful Eight



on 3/6/2016

I'd need to see H8 again and have a less miraculous experience for it to lose to Tangerine, but Tangerine is every bit as remarkable.

on 3/6/2016

I thought Tangerine was pretty good. The Hateful Eight is pretty fucking great though, so this is easy.

on 12/24/2018

Tangerine felt like something completely new and indescribable. It is a truly a product of its time, in the best way imaginable. Years from now, folks are going to look back at this film and think "Oh, so this is what the 2010's was like." In the same way folks do now with Easy Rider for the 60's, Taxi Driver for the 70's, Wall Street for the 80's, and Reality Bites for the 90's. The Hateful Eight on the other hand, was very average Tarantino.