Avatar vs. Ratatouille



on 9/3/2011

I watched Avatar only for it's fantastic effects but Ratatouille is a complete movie both story and graphic.

on 9/3/2011

Ratatouille over Avatar. Way more interesting.

on 10/26/2011


on 6/15/2012

avatar definitley alot more intriging dont htink i spell it rigt plus i thought ratatouille is the worst disney movie

on 6/15/2012

Avatar for me, Ratatouille is one of the few pixar movies that I didnt go "dam that was hell of a movie" after watching it

on 6/15/2012

One of Pixar's best films against one of Cameron's worst. Pixar will win there.

on 6/16/2012

I think I'd definitely go with Ratatouille here.

on 4/1/2013

Absolutely love both, but I'm going with Avatar.

on 3/30/2014

Avatar is one of those movies that's great the first time you watch it, but rather tedious the second time through. The Rat is a bit better in my opinion.

on 6/24/2015

rat mainly due to story