Avatar vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



on 5/30/2011

2001 by a long shot

on 5/30/2011

It's like a debate between Marilyn Vos Savant and Jessic Simpson. Of course I'd rather bang the latter but since one can't bang a movie...

on 7/18/2012


on 7/18/2012

I also liked Avatar better. 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of those "great" films that I know I'm supposed to like...yet don't.

on 7/18/2012

Yeeah, Avatar. Same thoughts as Caesar.

on 7/18/2012

Avatar is a very shallow film if it wasnt for the visuals that took ten years to put together... 2001 wins!

on 7/19/2012

Avatar. In an upset...

on 7/19/2012


on 11/26/2012

2001 for sure. Much more monumental.

on 11/26/2012

People who pick Avatar must be retarded, this is like comparing the speed of a lamborghini to a station wagon! 2001 is miles and miles ahead!!

on 11/26/2012

Picking Avatar is really more a middle finger to 2001 than... well, picking Avatar. That says something.

on 12/13/2012

Avatar. 2001 had some interesting ideas that I appreciate, but it took forever to get going.

on 3/7/2013

You guys can't be serious with picking Avatar over 2001. Flickchart??? What's going on here?

on 5/10/2013

2001 by miles

on 6/2/2013

"2001: A Space Odyssey" - Unquestionably!

on 7/11/2013

Avatar wins in a landslide.

on 7/22/2013

No, 2001 wins in a landslide.

on 10/17/2013


on 11/29/2013

As much as I adore Avatar, it just doesn't stand a chance here!

on 1/19/2014

rip-of VS landmark sci/fi . 2001 is one of the greatest films ever made. it was the film that set the standard not just for sci / fi but also for movies

on 7/28/2014

My lord people are actually picking Avatar of the masterpiece i.e. 2001.

on 9/22/2015

Sure, Avatar has some amazing visuals. But, come on, this is 2001 we're talking about.

on 9/22/2015

2001 is a masterpiece, avatar is garbage

on 9/22/2015

2001 is much better

on 9/22/2015

Both are overrated, but Avatar was average at best. 2001 was nothing.