The Pink Panther vs. The Pink Panther 2



on 7/9/2011

I saw both of these movies. I think the second is better but really both are pointless movies. . .

on 7/10/2011

The second is better than the first, but it's still not that good

on 4/2/2013

Both of these are complete garbage. I'll let my flickchart decide which is best.

on 4/2/2013

The first Pink Panther had a few laughs, I thought. Yeah, it's terrible and it consists mostly of slapstick we've seen before (Johhny English, anyone?), but eh, I laughed. There were zero laughs in Pink Panther 2 though, which makes it one of the unfunniest comedies I've ever seen. It's nothing. At least the first Pink Panther was something.

on 12/24/2013

Most of the pink panther series like the first had some jokes what it did looking for some part of two things what it had sawed of yet

on 11/17/2014

The Pink Panther 2 had a better storyline and cast than the first one.