The Wolverine vs. X-Men Origins: Wolverine



on 7/27/2013

One actually gives a shit about the titular character. The other is Origins.

on 7/28/2013

Origins isn't terrible in my opinion, but The Wolverine stomps all over it.

on 7/31/2013

It's true, The Wolverine is vastly better because it does most everything right.

on 8/1/2013

Although Mangold could be a better action director, The Wolverine is well-cast, well-acted, and fairly well-written, sans its obligatory superhero showdown climax; Origins tried to do too much, and didn't do any of it well.

on 8/1/2013

No, wait, what I meant to say was that everything in Origins had been done before in other movies and done better. The Wolverine is derivative, too, of course, but much like life itself, in which the same things happen to different people, it is made interesting by its characters, not by its plot.

on 8/7/2013

X-Men Origins is, to me, a non-canonical guilty pleasure with fun performances and some decent action scenes. The Wolverine, however, is better in pretty much all respects.

on 8/12/2013

theirs really nothing to say obviously the wolverine.

on 1/27/2014

The Wolverine just does it better. Origins wasn't all bad but it's so lacking when you now compare it to the better film.

on 1/27/2014

One overrated film with an atrocious 3rd act and another which is the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel, quintessential bad movie (we're talking Highlander 2 territory here).

on 3/16/2014

Anyone who likes Origins more than The Wolverine is not a friend of mine...

on 5/30/2014

What is it with Wolverine films needing a ton of nonsensical, pointless padding to reach beyond a 15 minute run time?

on 5/31/2014

The Wolverine is among one of my favorite comic book movies.

on 6/1/2014

^It's like an old man giving his opinion on Lazy Town. Or a two-year-old telling you he doesn't like Citizen Kane.

on 6/2/2014

the Wolverine was one of my favorite films of 2013 so its the clear winner.

on 6/4/2014

Origins is one of the superhero films I've ever seen. Wolverine isn't good, but at least it isn't the shit Origins is.

on 6/4/2014

one of the worst* I've ever seen. Although, yeah, it's also one of the superhero films I've seen.

on 6/4/2014

Absolute domination by The Wolverine...


on 5/23/2016


on 5/30/2016

The Wolverine is still an amazing film. Origins gets worse and worse with every new X-Film release to compare it to - yet The Wolverine will always remain favorable.

on 10/24/2016

The shitsome duo. I'm rooting for 'Logan' though...

on 3/3/2017

Logan was better than Origins but not as good as The Wolverine.

on 7/12/2019

Origins ain’t as shit as most people will lead you to believe, in the end though the wolverine is the better made film

on 7/12/2019

I’ll go with the wolverine because is far the better film and while origins is just awful terrible in a whole level.