Scott Pilgrim vs. the World vs. Inception



on 8/14/2010

The toughest decision of this summer. I loved both. Scott Pilgrim was visual treat, hilarious, and wonderfully entertaining. Inception was a smart sci-fi actioner built around an emotional core. In the end, Inception wins out for me, at least for now. Pilgrim's presentation was a whole lot more fun, but Inception has a more fleshed out backbone.

on 8/18/2010

Inception was really good, but Scott Pilgrim was an absolute blast. I gotta go with SCVTW.


on 8/19/2010

My absolute two favorite movies of the year so far. I loved other movies this year like Kick-Ass and Toy Story 3, but these two floored me. As much as it pains me to vote against Scott Pilgrim (a movie everyone on the planet should see but isn't), my vote has to go to Inception. Two very creative films that will leave a lasting impression on me for years to come.

on 8/29/2010

I loved them both but for totally different reasons. I'm gonna go for Inception though, since that made me think more.

on 8/29/2010

Don't really know how can we argufy about different genres on this site, but, ok, Scott Pilgrim - forever! =) And "The Sting" (is episode twelve in season four of Futurama) I liked more than Inception %) Sorry for my pour language, don't speak english.

on 8/31/2010

Sorry Nolan, but Scott Pilgrim was more visually inventive, and had a metric ton more fun and excitement to it.

on 9/6/2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World defines its generation like no other movies of the last 15 years.


on 9/6/2010

Inception is still the best film of the year.

on 9/7/2010

Scott Pilgrim has been accused of having nothing at stake. The motivation at the heart of Inception would appear to be the cathartic letting-go of the guilt surrounding a loved-one's suicide. Major stuff. So why is it that Inception feels empty while Scott Pilgrim dances delicately around the subject of desire in dazzling 8-bit brashness? The clincher is that Scott Pilgrim's soundtrack didn't make me feel nauseous. Scott Pilgrim gets the extra life.

on 10/3/2010

Wow! My two 2010 favorite movies. I'm gonna go with Scott Pilgrim because I loved the originality and laughing a lot. Inception is a sci-fi masterpiece, but it's not funny.

on 10/3/2010

Easily my two favorites from this summer -- Scott Pilgrim was a riot, but I'm going with Inception - something about Nolan films draw me into them to the point where I lose track of time and space, and Inception was another fine example. Of course repeat viewings might change my mind, but at first blush the win goes to Inception.

on 10/4/2010

Scott Pilgrim was a very different kind of movie. It was like a video game movie with sound effects and points! It was very entertaining but Inception just blew MY MIND!

on 11/12/2010

Scott Pilgrim was absolutely amazing, my number two movie of the year, but Inception is the closest thing to what I would consider a perfect movie.

on 11/13/2010

Rewatching these will decide the winner. I came out of the theater from both of these really blown away, but for now I like Inception a bit more overall.

on 11/14/2010

Scott Pilgrim is fun. Hell it's a solid, good-fun movie with one error that really got under my skin: Michael Cera as an action star. Conceptually I have no problem with it but for fuck's sake he can't punch! Who the hell can't punch? Who the fuck can't make a fist? Thank God for the stunt team 'cause the dude is a foetus.

on 12/20/2010

Scott Pilgrim is definitly my favorite movie here. A lot more entertaining with a very high "rewatch" factor.

on 1/13/2011

Scott was a good movie, but I well have to go with Inception

on 11/20/2011

I ? me some Scott Pilgrim...but Michael Cera was the one turn-off or me, I thought Kieran or Jason could've played Scott better. INCEPTION is in my top ten, because 1- Chris Nolan is one of, if not the, best original minds in Hollywood today, 2- the cast rivals that of Shawshank in its perfection, 3- Hans Zimmer once again proves his genius in music-making, and finally 4- the script was one of the best of 2010, its a pity it didn't win anything important besides Cinematography. Long Live NOLAN!!

on 11/20/2011

^^I -heart- me some scott pilgrim^

on 5/25/2012

Inception gets more layered and fascinating every time I watch it. Scott is hilarious and a whole lot of fun, but a couple of characters just seem flat, particularly Ramona. Inception for the win.

on 5/25/2012

Inception by far. Scott Pilgrim just didn't work for me. I can understand why other people like it so much, though.

on 9/9/2012

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World didn't work for me either. Inception hammers it.

on 8/24/2013

Sorry Scott, but to me, Inception is the best film of 2010.

on 9/21/2013

Love both, but Inception is better.

on 12/16/2017

This really isn't fair. Scott Pilgrim is such a fun movie but Inception is one of the greats.