The Muppets vs. The Muppet Movie



on 11/26/2011

The new one is good, but it can't beat the original.

on 11/27/2011

Both are great movies. The 2011 Muppet movie in my opinion is the better film. It had me laughing a lot more than the original

on 11/28/2011

The orginal, hands down. The new one just felt off.

on 2/25/2012

I would love to say the new version is better 'cause i was expecting so freakin' much,but this is just not the case here.

on 4/10/2012

I just watched the first one after loving the new one, and I gotta say the new one was way better and had good music consistently, whereas there are only 2 good songs in the original.

on 7/28/2012

I think the new Muppets is hilarious, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original Muppet Movie. The humor and the heart and the characters by their original voices and puppeteers is just insurmountable.

on 9/30/2012

I would say that the 2011 film is one of, if not, the best in the series.

on 11/23/2012

As good as the new movie is, it can't touch the original.

on 9/14/2013

The OG for sure.

on 9/14/2013

No nostalgia here. Easy choice.

on 2/12/2014

Out with the old, in with the new...

on 2/12/2014

Older one has better music and is way funnier

on 3/21/2014

My two favorite Muppet films! The 2011 version was a really great movie that manages to grab your childlike whimsy despite any screenwriting flaws and obvious scissor snipping by a certain glove-wearing mouse. But in the 70s, everything just clicks perfectly. They're not trying emulate anything frkm the past, they're just kicking ass in their own cool way

on 2/14/2015

In agree with Rotten Tomatoes percentage. Muppets is an new masterpiece, Muppets original is funny and nostalgia only

on 11/29/2015

For Nostalgia sakes! I love a good road trip movie, and The Muppet Movie is one of them. But life's a happy song. The 2011 one is really good, it just can't beat a classic.

on 9/21/2018

I came in late to the Muppets so I don't have the Nostalgia Goggles. Therefore I prefer The Muppets because of faster pacing and more jokes while The Muppet Movie is more of a laidback road trip movie.