Star Wars vs. A Clockwork Orange



on 8/3/2009

If anyone asks, I didn't choose.

on 10/4/2009

I'm going with you and not picking. AKA going with 'A Clockwork Orange'.

on 4/17/2010

A Clockwork Orange is one of the many films in my Top 20 that are technically better films than Star Wars, but I really enjoy Star Wars. So it wins.

on 10/4/2010

Not a fan of A Clockwork Orange. So Star Wars it is then.

on 10/25/2011

I totally agree w/ Mateo on this one. Technically Clockwork is a better movie,hands down, but Star Wars means too much for me to be beat by it. I would watch the classic trilogy all over again any day.

on 3/5/2012

Star Wars by far. It is more entertaining.

on 3/7/2013

Two amazing Sci Fi's but Star Wars is another level...

on 3/8/2013

Star Wars

on 3/8/2013

It's kind of lonely over here. Mindslinger is starting to look at me kind of funny...

on 3/8/2013

It's alright, you've been put on parole.

on 3/8/2013

Star Wars is great but Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece.

on 6/22/2013


on 6/22/2013

Star Wars for nostalgia.

on 12/17/2013

Star Wars

on 12/17/2013

A Clockwork Orange

on 1/16/2014


on 3/9/2014

I'm actually picking A Clockwork Orange

on 3/19/2014

A Clockwork Orange is my favorite movie

on 3/19/2014

Star Wars wins.

on 3/20/2014

were do you even start this is hard but I think I'm just going to have to say A Clockwork Orange

on 7/15/2014

Clockwork Orange by a narrow margin to remain my #1.

on 10/10/2014


on 11/14/2014

Not even close - Star Wars.

on 3/21/2015

Star Wars is funny, but A Clockwork Orange without hesitation (No, this is no my favorite film of all-time)

on 8/29/2015

Star Wars fucks up ACO.

on 8/30/2015

A Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece, but once Alex gets arrested, it starts to drag a little bit. Star Wars gets the slight edge here. Love both, though.

on 8/30/2015

Star Wars mauls ACO....

on 2/26/2017

I loved Clockwork Orange until my sister ruined it for me. In conclusion, Star Wars.

on 8/4/2018

A Clockwork Orange

on 8/4/2018

I’m a big Kubrick fan but Star Wars is still the winner for me!

on 3/25/2019

i would say star wars is better imo.

on Oct 12

Star Wars.