Star Wars vs. The Matrix



on 7/11/2009

I knew it would happen - and here it is. Star Wars vs. The Matrix. I'm going with the movie that I can watch over and over and over again and never get bored. The Matrix!!!

on 7/11/2009

you're so predictable...

on 7/12/2009

Matrix but it is a tough call.

on 7/14/2009

For its contribution to film history up to today, Star Wars. But for what it will do for film tomorrow, and the fact that it's significantly better written/acted/directed, The Matrix.

on 7/14/2009

Brain... Exploding... Must... Pick... Bah, I'm giving it to Star Wars. Just because.

on 7/18/2009

I put it this way, no matter what people say about the matrix sequels, they are by leaps and bounds much much better than all the prequels and jedi together. the matrix is more brutal, raw sci-fi. the year the phantom menace came out, the matrix showed up from nowhere and bitch slapped it. you see what happens lucas?? see what happens when you mess up with peoples childhood? they pick up the matrix.

on 7/26/2009

Star Wars, and It's not all that close.

on 7/30/2009

After I saw, "The Matrix" I felt that my life, my world, was a little different. I now saw things differently. I was different. After, "Star Wars," even though I was just a child, no new insights. Today, given the choice, I'd pick, "The Matrix" 9 out of 10 times.

on 8/11/2009

Upon reflection I have to say it is not even close. I would rather sit down and watch The Matrix anytime. I kind of have to be in a certain mood for Star Wars.

on 8/28/2009

MATRIX is just a Gen-X remix of STAR WARS, right down to the pseudo-religious themes backed up by a titanic special effects arsenal. In 30 years people are still going to watch STAR WARS because it was already retro when it came out and was styled to last. THE MATRIX is too trendy, in 30 years it will be unwatchably dated. Also, does anyone remember that the Wachowskis were sued for stealing the story... AND THEY LOST? My vote goes with STAR WARS.

on 9/17/2009

When you subtract the leather and the slo-motion gunfights, STAR WARS slaughters. More imaginative, more entertaining, and better special effects scenes.

on 9/20/2009

Right now, I would rather watch The Matrix. That's how I approach all my Flickchart rankings, and it's that simple. If we were talking about The Empire Strikes Back here, I might pause to consider, but I'd probably still choose The Matrix. Never will I deny the influence Star Wars had on film, and the movies will always have a special place in my heart. But Lucas made the Star Wars movies for kids (and he's still doing that--Jar Jar Binks, anyone?). There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, either; but now that I've grown, I'd rather watch The Matrix. And that's okay.

on 11/10/2009

Star Wars. By far... The Matrix only had a good idea.

on 12/3/2009

The Matrix. It's in me Top 20. And I wouldn't rewatch Star Wars unless forced to. If only Star Wars had put as much an onus on the action as The Matrix (or its sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, for that matter), it might have had a chance to border respectability.

on 12/13/2009

As a series, it's Star Wars. The question, however, is on the individual movie. Therefore, The Matrix gets my vote.


on 4/11/2010

I used to absolutely love The Matrix. I don't understand why I don't really love it anymore. *Shrugs* In any case, I'm giving this to Star Wars.

on 8/15/2010

I definitely hold Star Wars in higher esteem, but I always wonder how much of that is simply because I grew up with it. That said, I still believe Star Wars has better realized characters, a more memorable finale (Death Star trench, though the lobby gunfight is close), a more timeless story, and a much grander universe. And I do love the Matrix, despite it's flagrant use of Keanu Reeves.

on 9/30/2010

Have to give it The Matrix. The Matrix just stirred something inside me the first time I watched it. Star Wars was fun and exciting, but I wasn't left impacted or thinking much afterwards. Plus it has the lobby scene.

on 10/11/2010

Giving it to Star Wars. Matrix never had that impact on me.

on 11/25/2010

Both phenomenal ground-breaking movies. I have to give it to the Matrix though.

on 12/29/2010

Its hard to rate these movies apart from what they spawned. I really enjoyed The Matrix and I think it changed the "cyber-punk" genre in the same way Tron did but Star Wars changed the landscape of movies. Gotta give it to SW

on 6/9/2011

I really had a great time with the Matrix and I think it is a film that will hold up well over time but I'm going with Star Wars here because the cast was so great and I think Star Wars is a more fun movie overall.

on 12/25/2011

I can't believe I'm doing this or how easily, but I'm picking "The Matrix." If this was "Empire," it would be a different story.

on 12/26/2011

Star Wars....

on 1/9/2012

Not even a match. I really love Matrix (#11 here) but's Star Wars. Look what a science fiction movie Big Ol' George did. In the 70's. With a low budget. Sorry Wachswosmwoky brothers.

on 3/10/2012

The Matrix.

on 8/22/2012

Star Wars second greatest movie of all-time after The Empire Strikes Back. The Matrix 10th greatest movie of all-time. Star Wars easy but I still love The Matrix

on 8/22/2012

Two excellent films. Going with Star Wars but I just might change my decision in the future. The Matrix is definitely more intelligent.

on 8/22/2012

I wont stand for this... Star Wars wins

on 8/22/2012

Thats right Star Wars wins easily!

on 8/22/2012

Now thats how the vote should.

on 8/22/2012


on 9/9/2012

The Matrix? No.

on 1/25/2013

The Matrix stands as my favourite film of all time, while Star Wars is just one of...

on 1/25/2013

Star Wars

on 1/25/2013

I remember Spielberg saying at the time, when it was clear that The Matrix had surpassed Phantom Menace in cultural relevance, if not absolute grosses, that The Matrix was the kind of film that fans were expecting the prequel to be. As has been noted here above, The Matrix kind of is like Star Wars. But it's Star Wars for the generation of kids that grew up with Star Wars, not the little kids for whom Lucas apparently made Phantom. Star Wars was the first film I remember seeing, and I didn't even like The Matrix after I first saw it (I remember sitting in a backseat of a car afterwards enumerating my objections to an older person driving who couldn't care less) but as it stands now, I prefer The Matrix to Star Wars.

on 3/13/2013

The Matrix fornow!

on 4/18/2013

Ummm. The matrix.

on 5/9/2013

not that i'm a matrix fan- i felt the storyline was highly outlandish & convoluted even though it may have had a unique & interesting concept. But words can't describe the disappointment i felt while watching star wars. Its in my opinion the most overrated movie ever.

on 5/9/2013

Skywalker17 thinks Star Wars is the most overrated movie ever. Just pointing that ou--whahawhat.

on 5/9/2013

I shudder to think what Skywalker's chart looks like. I'm nervously getting ready to check it out. :-\

on 5/9/2013

Luke has no Gung fu. Nor does he have guns. Lots of guns.

on 5/11/2013

"THE MATRIX IS FUCKIN OVERRATED SHIT" - neomorpheusbluepill66

on 5/12/2013

Star Wars wins. Matrix was just weird

on 5/12/2013

Dragon ball Z is a piece of shit. Fact.

on 6/2/2013

Star wars.

on 6/12/2013

I kinda think they're technically evened, but its sheer epicness and memorability is what edges out the win to George Lucas.

on 6/23/2013

Every time I watch The Matrix, I'm reminded of how amazing it is. Star Wars doesn't wow me the way Matrix does with its philosophy and creativity.

on 7/13/2013

Star Wars is a film that has been with me my entire life whereas I just barely watched The Matrix today for the first time. Both are great films, but Star Wars does and always will mean a whole helluva lot more to me than The Matrix.

on 8/25/2013

Star Wars

on 10/19/2013

THE MATRIX! My favorite movie of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on 10/19/2013

There is no argument to be made that the Matrix is better than Star Wars. Even though there both groundbreaking movies for there time and both thoroughly enjoyable. Star Wars still holds up almost 40 years later. I do not think you will be able to say the same for the Matrix when it is that old

on 6/10/2014

Star Wars, once again

on 6/10/2014

Well, if there's no argument to be made that The Matrix is the better film, then the same goes for Star Wars. It's all a matter of taste. If something leaves a permanent stamp on pop culture forever and another thing only changes gears for a time, that doesn't lessen the power of the latter or the enjoyment it brings people. Citizen Kane left a mark on cinema, Kung Fu Hustle did not. I'd rather watch Kung Fu Hustle. And I'm sure, for those who are open-minded and for the folks who enjoyed it in the first place, The Matrix will hold up just fine. We've come a long way from King Kong and people still hold that close to their hearts.

on 6/24/2014

Star Wars is way ahead of the Matrix. The Matrix is'nt in the league of Star Wars

on 6/24/2014

I hate to spit in the face of Star Wars but this time, I have to go with The Matrix. If it was The Matrix trilogy vs. the Star Wars trilogy or Empire vs. The Matrix, then I would choose the SW trilogy and Empire, respectfully. Plus, Bullet Time is the coolest CGI ever.

on 6/24/2014

Matrix kicks ass, it easly beats SW of league

on 8/11/2014

The Matrix can win this, by Neo who knows Kung Fu and takes over Luke Skywalker

on 9/18/2014

Star Wars

on 10/10/2014

Star Wars

on 10/10/2014

Star Wars

on 11/15/2014

In this matchup I prefer Neo over Luke.

on 6/28/2015

Star Wars

on 6/28/2015

Star Wars

on 9/26/2015

Star Wars. I'm just not as in love with The Matrix as so many are. Still a very good movie, though.

on 11/29/2015


on 12/17/2015

No gun is cooler than a lightsaber.

on 8/21/2017

Star Wars easy, Matrix was great but the sequels ruined the original for me. Some dude just said the Matrix sequels are better than the Prequels. That's a pretty low bar..... those matrix sequels are garbage. At least Episodes 2 and 3 have some cool star wars universe shit.

on 8/21/2017

This something I argue with my friends about. I love Star Wars but I find The Matrix horribly overrated. Despite the last 45 minutes having some cool sequences (Although a little dated), everything beforehand is dull, poorly acted, clich├ęd and just plain ridiculous. Star Wars is more creative, exciting and I cared for the characters more way more than the joyless Matrix.