Amistad vs. Blood Diamond



on 7/2/2010

Djimon Hounsou showdown! Man, he's great in both these movies. And I think they're both powerful and thought-provoking pieces of work. Man, Amistad has a dream cast (yeah, even McConaughey's fine in it; it was made back when he had more potential), but I guess Leo DiCaprio tips the scales in Blood Diamond's favor for me.

on 1/16/2012

Having studied the events of "Amistad" years before ever seeing the film, I found myself thinking of it in terms of what it dramatized well (the Middle Passage stuff was agonizing to watch) and what it abridged (much). I think both films are gripping, though I think ultimately I give the nod to "Blood Diamond" mostly because its story has a little more focus...and I think Hounsou is just a shade more captivating to watch in that one (though both are amazing performances!).

on 1/20/2014

My memory of Amistad is pretty patchy, aside from the traumatising Middle Passage sequence. My memory of Blood Diamond is dominated by poor characterisation; either exaggerated beyond belief (Hounsou), completely wasted (Connelly), or with exceptionally irritating accents (Leo). Do white Afrikaans people really turn every sentence into a question? So I'm handing this one to Amistad for being the only one of the two I'd be willing to revisit.