Black Panther vs. Roma



on 2/10/2019

The most popcorn nominee vs. The most (f)artsy nominee. Both are my least favorite nominees. But Roma was almost generally unwatchable. It's just boring and disjointed. Pretty maybe, but that's everything I'm giving you. Black Panther is formulaic Marvel bullshit. But it still had interesting leads and interesting plot points. Its diversity was certainly remarkable. And it's fun. Black Panther is all around the better movie. And I rank it #7 among the other Best Pic nominees. I think that gives away how bad Roma is.

on 2/10/2019

Roma is more deserving of a best picture nomination. It's the slow slog about people of other cultures that the Academy eats up but makes everyone else roll their eyes by how dull it is. Black Panther is a fine film but NOT deserving of a best picture nomination. It has little artistic expression. Outside of certain diversity ideas, it's formulaic and poorly paced. I'm still picking Panther for actually being decent and more memorable.

on 2/23/2019