Black Panther vs. The Dark Knight



on 4/23/2018

Black Panther was impressing but I siding on Dark Knight.

on 4/24/2018

Black Panther is too recent. Give it some more time to age THEN we'll see how these two measure up head-to-head

on 4/24/2018

We don’t need time to measure the two because The Dark Knight will always be the superior film!

on 4/24/2018

the dark knight is the better film, but I just slightly prefer black panther's vision

on 4/24/2018

Black Panther's box office is the most amazing thing about either of these movies. A lot of people have labeled both as good but vastly overrated.

on 5/20/2018

The Dark Knight just gets better and better with every passing year, quickly approaching the 10 year anniversary of this masterpiece, easily the greatest 10-year celebration of anything in history.

on 5/20/2018

What's more overrated should be the question. At least Black Panther has relevance today unlike the overblown DK.

on 5/24/2018

Love both, but out of the two I would pick TDK.

on 9/10/2018

Black Panther is great but TDK is special

on 9/11/2018

Black Panther is average at best but TDK is nothing special anymore either.

on Jan 24

The Dark Knight is in the top echelon of comic book movies, Black Panther is slightly above average but is a bit of a bore in places.