Don't Look Now vs. The Shining



on 3/13/2013

Yikes. That's quite the double feature.

on 3/13/2013

Yep, pretty awesome.

on 10/17/2016

Don't Look Now, despite being the less cerebral film, surprised me more, and Julie Christie gets to more in it than just "scream and be stupid," which is how Stephen King described Wendy Torrance's role in the film version of The Shining.

on 10/17/2016

I gotta throw it to The Shining, even though I've never much liked it. Don't Look Now left me utterly unimpressed.

on 10/19/2016

Don´t look now deserves a better review, It´s clearly underrated...I simply adore that film, but honestly The shinniing always gives me the creeps, totally awesome. The only movie I would never dare to watch alone at home

on 11/8/2017

super close, but i prefer the denisty of kubrick's film to the roeg's mindbending narrative