Eyes Wide Shut vs. A Clockwork Orange



on 9/20/2009

Two Kubrick films. Such a visonary director. Although I feel that Eyes Wide Shut does not get nearly the respect it deserves Clockwork is such a tour de force that it remains a pretty easy cal for me.

on 4/20/2010

The only two Kubrick movies that are still controversial. EYES WIDE SHUT didn't have the extreme violence and was instead impossibly cerebral. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE was more lively, and therefor has the young audience behind it. EYES WIDE SHUT was dense and demanding, and if there's anything that auds find frustrating, it's a ponderous tit flick. I love every minute of these movies.

on 7/4/2010

Two Kubricks...wow. I have to go with Eyes Wide Shut.

on 5/11/2011

a very very difficult choice, 2 of my top ten. i love them both, theres a lot of people who hate eyes wide shut, and honestly i dont get it, the only explanation i can find is that thoes people didnt understand the movie. i can speak for myself the first time i watched eyes wide shut i liked it, but i didnt think it was nothing special, at least comparing to other great kubrick movies, but recently i watched it again and i love it, because not only i failed to understand the story the first time i saw it, but also because i dindt realise the perfect combination of music, acting , camera movement, etc, even though i like it a lot, theres nothing like the clockwork orange, one of the best work of arts i have ever seen, and a movie that changed the way i see movies, thats why it is the winner here, but not from a very distance.

on 6/4/2012

Eyes Wide Shut has more boobs in it but i prefer ACO

on 1/14/2013

Eyes Wide for the time being.

on 5/26/2013

A Clockwork Orange is still my favorite Kubrick movie.

on 10/11/2013

Clockwork is Kubrick's best in my opinion.

on 10/18/2013

A Clockwork Orange does need a re-visit, but until then I'm siding with Eyes Wide Shut.

on 10/18/2013

ACO. Easily.

on 5/26/2014

Two of my favs love eyes Wide Shut Kidmans best so dark and yet delightful however Clockwork Orange is My #1 film undefeated for a reason its shocking real makes you think,funny erotic perverse and is one of the more relevant today than any other of the era its a masterpiece of horror and cinema a giant of dialog and subject matter.

on 5/26/2014

ACO by a longshot

on 12/2/2014

A Clockwork Orange has the more interesting themes and isn't nearly as glacially paced as the patience-trying Eyes Wide Shut.

on 7/16/2015

Eyes Wide Shut. It looks that Caesar don't understand the thing about Eyes...

on 11/30/2015

Eyes Wide Shut for me. I never liked how ACO slowed down so much after the first act.

on 2/5/2016

eyes is better but i prefer clockwork orange .

on 2/6/2016

These two are basically opposites for me. When I first saw Clockwork I absolutely loved it, but over time it has fallen for me considerably. I still like it a lot, but it's actually one of my least favorites from Kubrick. Eyes Wide Shut was one that I really liked the first time, but have liked it more and more with each viewing. It's now my favorite Kubrick and in my top 15 all time.

on 12/4/2017

both incredible, but eyes wide shut is the much denser, more mature film. plus i prefer its dreamy atmosphere to clockwork's aesthetics