Eyes Wide Shut vs. Rocky IV



on 8/30/2018


on 8/31/2018

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE (neither of these movies are Australian but I still like representing my country on this site)

on 9/13/2018

For what it's worth, Nicole Kidman was in Eyes Wide Shut and she is Australian...

on 9/17/2018

^ That’s a good point but normally Kidman’s name only comes up in conversations like “back in the 90s, our most famous celebrities included Nicole Kidman and she wasn’t that interesting anyway”, haha

on 9/17/2018

Speaking of Australian actors, just the other day I was wondering why I had The Prestige, Memento and The Dark Knight in my top 10, and not Nolan's other films. The point of the exercise was to find a common link between these three films, as I felt something was missing in Nolan's other films that these three had. Then the Australian connection struck me: Hugh Jackman, Guy Pearce, Heath Ledger. Of course!

on 9/17/2018

Nicole Kidman in her prime showing the goods gives that movie a big edge!