Memento vs. Ghostbusters



on 2/24/2012

Ooooh, tough one. I think I'm gonna have to go with BILL FUCKING MURRAY.

on 2/11/2015

Ghostbusters, FOR NOSTALGIA

on 2/12/2015

Honestly, if you take away the 80's retro nostalgia and objectively critique Ghostbusters, it doesn't stand a chance against Memento.

on 2/12/2015

Well, go ahead and objectively critique Ghostbusters. I'm sure you can find things that don't make sense in both of these movies (and just about any film if you look hard enough).

on 2/13/2015

Memento is leaps and bounds better.

on 7/24/2015

Only if you watch Ghostbusters backwards can you make an objective choice.