Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street vs. Edward Scissorhands



on 6/28/2009

Oh damn, its Burton film starring Depp vs. Burton film starring Depp. This is a difficult one.

on 9/19/2009

my vote goes to the one with the happy ending

on 9/28/2009

I'm going with 'Edward Scissorhands' as well, since it is almost a perfect film.

on 11/14/2009

I know not everyone will agree, but I really think Burton should stop directing musicals.

on 11/18/2009

It's Sweeney Todd for me.

on 3/5/2010

MMM it's hard to decide because they are both Tim Burton films starring johnny Depp with razor sharp blades. I think I'll have to go with Edward being that it was the first film that the duo did together.

on 9/10/2010

Both have the same hair but only Edward has a heart made from a cookie. . .


on 9/10/2010

Scissorhands is the enduring favorite.

on 9/10/2010

Well, maybe I'm a wussy, but I'd rather see Johnny Depp sculpting hair and shrubbery than slashing throats ad nauseam. But perhaps if the songs in Sweeney Todd were actually catchy or memorable, that might've made a difference. And I do like Helena Bonham Carter more than Winona Ryder... Sweeney Todd is just so dismal that I felt none the better for seeing it. I'm not a huge fan of Edward Scissorhands, but at least it amounts to something of a positive experience. I don't recall liking the endings of either of these movies, though.

on 10/23/2010

Edward Scissorhands underwhelmed me. After all the talk of it being so amazing, it turned out to be a perfectly alright little modern fairy tale with clever social commentary. However, Sweeney Todd also underwhelmed me. The singing wasn't great, but you can't deny the pleasure in watching Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter cut people's throats. I honestly don't know which one I would pick so...wherever the arrow goes.

on 1/31/2011

I didn't enjoy Sweeney Todd at all. Edward Scissorhands, however, is a movie I could watch every day of the week.

on 11/15/2011

Didn't like Sweeney Todd at all, was very disappointed in that one. Johnny Depp slitting throats and taking names sounds awesome, but the thing is... that's about all it has. The characters are annoying, the performances are annoying, the songs are annoying, I was really just happy it was over, to be honest. Edward Scissorhands takes it without a doubt.

on 1/20/2013

Both Burton's movies, both starring Depp, still, Sweeney Todd wasn't a really great musical. Edward wins on this.

on 11/2/2013

usually i don't like musicals and as far as the music goes in Sweeney Todd its not that great but i love dark revenge stores so I'm going with Todd.

on 8/9/2014


on 10/2/2016

Sweeny Todd for better music and a darker story