The Pianist vs. Titanic



on 11/19/2009

In a way, both movies are about survival, it's just that Titanic has a love story surrounding it. I am going to pick Titanic, not for that reason however. It's a grand film, and you can't beat the set design (they actually build almost a replica of the actual ship). And as much as people love to slag Titanic, it still works; the love story, the sinking ship, the action and the melodrama.

on 11/30/2009

I go with The Pianist here. Because technically it was way better. Everything about it was better.

on 2/4/2010

I choose Titanic because is one of the greatests movies ever. The Pianist is also a great movies.

on 4/10/2017

The Pianist is such a powerful film that when it goes up against any film I almost feel bad for picking the other one. Titanic was a very important film in recent memory for being a huge money making machine while still being a very good film. Titanic's downfall is the underwater voyage in the beginning of the film and feels out of place when we go in and out of present and past. The Pianist is such an important film and Adrian Brody gives his best performance. I give the slight edge to The Pianist. That's telling due to my fascination with DiCaprio.