A League of Their Own vs. Thelma & Louise



on 3/18/2012

A League of Their Own is more sentimental...but I don't mind that. There's some great characters in this movie and memorable music.

on 8/30/2012

It's Geena Davis vs. Geena Davis! Thelma & Louise wins. Ridley Scott takes his audience on a souped up spin across America's landscape and the end result packs as much of a punch as any previous or subsequent work. The performances are particularly wonderful, especially Davis's and Susan Sarandon. Their friendship is one of the most believable and iconic ever to hit the screen. It's a rare movie that's as fun as it is moving. I can say the same for A League of Their Own if only on a slightly smaller scale. It's far more low key film than it's competition and there's nothing wrong with that. I love the ensemble feel of the cast and overall feel-good vibe of the movie makes it a perfect film to watch on a bad day.

on 8/30/2012

Two great movies. I'll go with A League of Their Own...because Tom Hanks just crushes it.

on 1/15/2018

This is a hard choice, but I think I have to choose A League of Their Own based on pure rewatchability. Although either way, you can't lose with Geena Davis.

on 1/16/2018

A League of Their Own is vastly superior. Actual characters you care about.

on 2/5/2018

Yea both My great movies but my personal favoraite and the one that feels like it has stayed much more relevant for todays age is thelma and loiuse