Psycho II vs. Psycho III



on 11/22/2010

Easily Psycho II. Psycho III felt too much like a straightforward slasher flick whereas Psycho II had an interesting twisty plot.

on 4/21/2014

I enjoy both their good for what they are but the second is my favorite between the two

on 9/7/2014

Psycho III is the weakest of the series, but I still enjoy it. II takes this one though.

on 12/11/2015

Both are good. Psycho II, but they're pretty equal. The only better feature in PII was a better twist.

on 3/21/2016

Psycho 2 for the sweep.

on 3/22/2016

Both are surprisingly good sequels. II gets my vote.

on 2/13/2019

Psycho II is so fantastic!