Iron Man vs. Ant-Man



on 7/8/2015

iron man for now probably will change after i see Ant-man again, Ant-man has a far superior 3rd act

on 7/18/2015

These films are being compared to each other all over the Net. I can see why. Same story structure in some regard and both are just damn good films and perfect vehicles for their respective casts. I'm surprised to say right now I like Ant-Man more.

on 7/22/2015

These origin films are simply as good as it gets.

on 7/22/2015

I'd go with Ant-Man, Iron Man loses itself at the third act

on 7/22/2015

Battle of the so-so films. These are two of the weakest Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Iron Man is, at least, a lot of fun.

on 7/23/2015

Ant-Man is great but Iron Man will always be the Godfather/Grandfather of the MCU.

on 7/23/2015

Still thinking on it... Ant-Man has many parallels to Iron Man. Villain/mentor relationship, grounded, funny, training sequences, superb supporting cast... Iron Man was nominated for an Oscar SFX and Ant-Man should flat out win the award.

on 7/24/2015

Back that train up just a bit. Both Ant-Man and Iron Man are as good as it gets.

on 7/26/2015

I can't wait to see what the consensus on Ant-Man is in a year or two once the novelty wears off. I think it's one of the weakest MCU films, a huge misstep, and not in any way comparable to the original Iron Man. Yes, the studio's first film had a terrible third act (a common problem in their movies, honestly), but compared to Ant-Man is funnier, smarter, and edgier, features a much stronger leading performance (I love Paul Rudd but he is dull AF in this movie) and a better romance (where the hell did that kiss come from?).

on 7/29/2015

Maybe once I've seen Ant-Man a few more times, it may get old and I may not like it as much. But right now, it's actually my favorite MCU movie. So, it wins for now.


on 8/14/2015

Very surprised there are people are voting for AntMan in this matchup.

on 8/14/2015

Love 'em both, but I'd rather watch Ant-Man quite frankly...

on 8/14/2015

Ant-Man was fun, but it's definitely "lesser Marvel" to me. Iron Man wins.

on 12/22/2015

Iron Man is better.

on 1/7/2016

Anyone else love that Flickchart is using those fake fan made Ant-Man posters in their rotation? Ant-Man in Scarlett's cleavage and on her ass! LOVE IT!

on 1/7/2016

The first MCU film is still the best one.

on 3/4/2016

Edge goes to Ant-Man for more fun throughout.

on 1/30/2018

Ant-man was surprisingly good, but Iron Man was ground breaking.