Iron Man vs. Ghostbusters



on 7/6/2009

This is a really, really hard one. I love them both. I'll pick Ghostbusters just because it was such a huge part of my child hood.

on 1/13/2010

sorry bro but iron man is epic

on 10/22/2010

Both movies are nearly perfect in my mind. The quotability and group dynamic of Ghostbusters edges it to the top for me.

on 12/19/2010

I love Iron Man a lot but It's not quite good enough to beat Ghostbusters

on 11/16/2011

Love the first Iron Man, but Ghostbusters is a classic. One of the all-time great comedies.

on 12/2/2012

Ghostbusters here. It created everything Iron Man stands for.

on 10/28/2013

Yes its true, this Iron Man has no dick! Ghostbusters wins.

on 1/31/2014

I really have a hard time seeing how ghostbusters is one of the best comedies?

on 2/4/2018

How does Tony Stark's life-saving chest piece feels less plausible than ghost containment technology?