It's a Wonderful Life vs. Requiem for a Dream



on 11/10/2009

Talk about polar opposites.

on 11/18/2009

Ill go with the one without drug addicts performing vile sex acts for illegal narcotics

on 12/3/2010

pfft prude calling girl on girl displays of simply choreographed double ended dildo usage in front of paying customers vile no punctuation for the win

on 8/4/2013

Wonderful Life.

on 6/30/2016

Requiem for a Dream a.k.a. It's not a Wonderful Life.

on 8/26/2017


on 1/2/2019

Heh, opposite sides of the spectrum. That's exactly the greatest 'feelgood' movie of all time head to head against the greatest 'feelbad' movie of all time. As I'd rather feel good, I'm going with Wonderful Life. But both are stellar timeless masterpieces.