Psycho vs. The Thing



on 10/26/2010

Are you kidding me? I love both! How dare you tear me apart!

on 7/25/2013

Psycho, did not like The Thing

on 7/25/2013

Two great thrillers that are riveting in their own way, one is horror and the other is science fiction. I really enjoyed both, but my vote is going toward The Thing. My love for sci-fi wins by a blow-out.

on 7/28/2013


on 8/14/2013

Psycho is clearly the better film and therefore will have to vote for it, but I do like The Thing more.

on 5/19/2018

Thing over Norman Bates...


on 5/20/2018

Here we go with The Thing again and Psycho is far superior.

on 3/22/2019

Both are great for different reasons I really love both dearly it's a coin toss depends s on my mood but yeah Psycho is technically a better made film.