Princess Mononoke vs. Toy Story



on 9/10/2009

Oh Flickchart why must you have me make such hard decisions.

on 7/5/2010

Unfortunately for Miyazaki, even his best cannot compete with the top tier of Pixar.

on 7/5/2010

There's only one Ghibli flick that can hold its own against Toy Story and it aint Mononoke. I'm speaking of Fireflies of course.

on 3/21/2011

Mononoke isn't one of my fave Ghiblis so it has to be toy story.

on 6/20/2013

even though i really liked mononoke i love toy story

on 4/24/2015

I've been drawn to rewatch Mononoke several times lately, whereas Toy Story remains a distant childhood memory. The swing could shift again.

on 4/24/2015

No contest.

on 6/22/2015

Why do people think Toy Story is so much better than Princess Mononoke? Well I can think about it, and I can agree with them, but there's too much analysis necessary. I'll just choose the movie with an arguably more agreeable and seeable message, even though it doesn't have a clever solution........ close call really.... I have no idea. I'm not going to do 2 super detailed analysises in one day. I'll jsut keep mononoke at 4th place for now.

on 6/22/2015

after thinking this through I suppose I must agree Toy story is better in terms of story. Although you do have to admit that Mononoke has amazing animation!

on 8/4/2015

Toy story, with its scary villain that can match mononoke's scary PG13 scenes, and a clever protagonist, add up to defeat MOnonoke, even if the latter has amazing sceneries. Very close just like last time.

on 10/19/2015

I think the outcome is the same as the previous. While Mononoke has an amazing soundtrack, great ending, and beautiful views, it's not as clever or as in-depth as toy story. There is also arguably the "lesson" in Mononoke which is arguably repeated over many other movies, while Toy Story is pretty fresh and unique.