Mr. Smith Goes to Washington vs. It's a Wonderful Life



on 11/9/2010

Jimmy Stewart, oh how we miss you!

on 4/10/2012

This is an epic battle, It's A Wonderful Life is a great movie, but Mr. Smith gets the edge here because it's as relevant today as it was back then.

on 8/3/2012

Oh my god... i just dont know what to pick. This is the matchup that could destroy me on the inside.

on 12/25/2012

I'd say both films are very relevant today. I give the edge to It's a Wonderful Life because I just find its message more profound (though both films have important messages).

on 4/11/2013

This is just about impossible. Mr. Smith has aged amazingly well, but It's a Wonderful Life is the more classic of the two.

on 6/21/2013

Jimmy Stewart's two best! Very hard choice. I'll take Mr. Smith in a close one.

on 8/8/2013

Changing my mind. Both all-time classics and flawless movies. They are about as even as they could be. But It's a Wonderful Life just makes you feel so good after you watch it.

on 8/8/2013

Just love 'em both....but Wonderful Life takes it...

on 8/8/2013

I really dislike Wonderful Life, except for the parts with the angel. It's such a maudlin homage to a small-town America that never really existed, with plenty of digs at people who would be so callous as to maybe want out of such a stifling, depressing environment. Mr. Smith is cornball and full of cliches, from the sassy female reporter to the very name Jefferson Smith, but it's a lot more likable than Wonderful Life.

on 11/27/2013

I just watched both of these for the first time today and what do you know? I loved them both. I give the slight edge to Mr Smith.

on 11/28/2013

I'm going with It's a Wonderful Life.

on 3/18/2017

James Stewart is my favourite of all time! Love "Mr. Smith" but it's hard to go pass Wonderful Life!