For a Few Dollars More vs. Stagecoach



on 12/12/2011


on 8/12/2013

Oh boy, it's John Wayne shootin' it out with Clint Eastwood. Nice. Stagecoach is one of the best "old" westerns I've seen, so it's only going to be topped by one of Eastwood's best. For a Few Dollars More, although pretty damn good, isn't one of Eastwood's best.

on 8/12/2013

I'm going Clint over Wayne here....

on 12/2/2016

I definitely need to rewatch Stagecoach. I remember thinking the musical interlude was dumb (although surprisingly relevant to the plot, in hindsight), and I expect that today I would have more issues with its depiction of native Americans than I did when I first watched it, but at least it kept up a good pace? At least the characters' relationships and interactions were interesting to me? For a Few Dollars More is massively overpraised and hopelessly boring, as far as I'm concerned.