Toy Story 3 vs. Inception



on 7/27/2010

Easily the two best movies of the year so far. I finally got around to watching Inception last night and all I can say is WOW. My mind was blown. The anti gravity fighting scene is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen on film.

on 7/28/2010

The more I think about Inception the more I dislike it. Does it really come down to a discussion of solipsism with special effects? I don't find Leo's catharsis that involving or convincing. As for the end, pah! Cheap trick. Toy Story 3 is a whole lot more involving. It wins.

on 7/29/2010

Toy Story 3 was goddamn DIFFICULT for me to watch. Given ten years and another half-dozen views, it might turn into one of my favorite movies of all time (might), but for the first time after watching a new Pixar flick, I didn't want to watch it again immediately when the credits rolled. Inception blew my friggin' mind.


on 8/5/2010

My two favorite films of the year so far. But Inception blew me away like no other. I absolutely loved it.

on 8/6/2010

aaaahhh! So hard. These are the only two movies i have LOVED this year...

on 8/17/2010

Tie but the tie breaker goes to the movie that's not a sequel.

on 8/23/2010

Even though my heart says Toy Story 3, Inception is the best movie here.

on 8/29/2010

I enjoyed Inception, but found the entire "dreamworld" unconvincing (although the hallway fight sequence was indeed fantastic); do stage 3 dreams really devolve into an action sequence from The Spy Who Loved Me? I'll take Woody and the gang here.

on 9/6/2010

I loved Toy Story 3 but I'm going with Inception here


on 9/6/2010

The non sequel wins here.

on 10/21/2010

Love both these movies. But I vote Inception because I'm biased towards guns, explosions, crazy fights and a plot that makes you think. But I do admit that Toy Story 3 did bring to me tears.

on 11/4/2010

I have to go with Inception. It really made me think about it long after the movie was over. Don't get me wrong. Toy Story 3 is good but gonna have to go with Inception.

on 1/25/2011

It's depressing that some people actually have trouble picking between the two. Let's see, an animated flick, no different from any other, or a ground-breaking masterpiece? Hmm

on 2/24/2011

I don't get the love for "Inception." It purported to be brilliant, and complex...and instead, it's boringly simple. "Toy Story 3" may be a sequel, but I'm stunned anyone would think "Inception" was particularly original.

on 4/18/2011

I finally got around to seeing Toy Story 3 and Inception is still my favorite from 2010.

on 5/25/2011

Very tough match-up, both definitely belong among the best movies of 2010. Inception is a movie for the mind, while Toy Story 3 is a movie for the heart. I like movies for the heart better, so I pick Toy Story 3. That movie really hit me.

on 6/5/2011

"an animated flick, no different from any other" have you even seen Toy Story 3? now I have nothing against people choosing Inception over it, but if you've seen it you'll know it was a hell of a good movie!

on 8/13/2011

Gotta love the animated film here, but I gotta love the dream thriller a little more.

on 8/13/2011

I loved both of these, but my first viewing of Inception was probably the best theater experience I have ever had. While Toy Story 3 is an incredible animated movie, and just a great movie in general, the better movie here is Inception; Toy Story 3 is partially sentimental value.

on 10/17/2011

both of these movies are spectacular but with inception just wasn't it i have to go with toy story 3 i have loved toy story since i was like 2 i really didn't get inception

on 10/17/2011

This is like picking between both of my kids. LOVE both.....

on 2/16/2012

The years two best films. Going with Inception cos it deserved to win Best Picture. A really great film.

on 7/11/2012

2010 was a great year for films. I take Inception. It deserved to win best original screenplay.

on 11/12/2012

What a bunch of girlfriend movies, ugh.

on 12/5/2012

Inception takes the win. But both are my two fave films of that year.

on 7/6/2013

TS3 but not by much.

on 7/6/2013

Loved both, Inception wins.

on 7/7/2013

Love the Toy Story trilogy, but this is Inception we're talking about.

on 9/15/2013

Inception beats all the Toy Story movies.

on 4/13/2014

2010 Toy Story 3

on 4/3/2015

Total disagree, MasterofMovies. All Pixar films beats Inception, Cars 2 included

on 4/3/2015

Inception tops anything Pixar, hell, anything Disney in general, has ever produced.

on 4/5/2015

Toy story 3 wins easily in my book .Toy story 3 IMO was the best movie of 2010

on Jul 27

Toy Story 3 is best of 2010.

on Jul 27

Toy Story 3 is best of 2010.

on Jul 27

Toy Story 3 is best of 2010.

on Jul 27

Inception wouldn’t win this one.

on Sep 1

Every entire Nolan movie is garbage even inception is more garbage, Toy Story 3 is far amazing.