Disturbia vs. Rear Window



on 10/24/2009

Brilliant Hitchcock film or ripoff starring LaBoof? Gee, tough choice.

on 1/20/2010

I actually enjoyed Disturbia for the most part but there really isn't any contest.

on 1/24/2010

Movie icon Jimmy Stewart or flash in the pan LaBeef? Gee, let me think...

on 9/28/2010

Hmmm...let's see. The Hitchcock masterpiece or the teeny-bopper "retelling" of it...

on 9/28/2010

Disturbia is actually pretty good, but this is obviously no contest.

on 9/28/2010

Do I choose the classic original, a masterpiece of stprytelling... Or the modern day remake with Pepe le Pew???

on 12/22/2016

That moronic flashbulb scene at the end of Rear Window is dumber than anything in the surprisingly enjoyable Disturbia. The opening scene of Rear Window though... clever stuff.