Dirty Harry vs. Die Hard



on 8/30/2009

'Dirty Harry' is cool, yes. But its between him or John Freakin' McClane!!!

on 10/24/2011

And here I was just rating away when these two popped up and stopped me dead in my tracks. Who do I pick??? ARGGHHH!!!

on 2/20/2013

Dirty Harry doesn't need explosions or constant talking through a walkie-talkie to be awesome. I mean yeah, Die Hard has Alan Rickman, but Dirty Harry has Clint frickin' Eastwood.

on 5/5/2014

Two great well known action characters and Awsome films Dirty Harry by a little

on 5/6/2014

Both are fantastic but Dirty Harry wins for me.

on 6/21/2014

Die Hard.

on 11/14/2016

Die Hard is better in every way. He is the better character and has the better villain. Eastwood is great for sure and I like Dirty Harry but Die Hard is the best Cop movie out there.