All That Heaven Allows vs. Far from Heaven



on 3/10/2010

Sorry Mr. Sirk, the remake is better.

on 5/25/2011

Man, I just rewatched Far from Heaven and it's such an awesomely sad movie. As far as giving the viewer an emotional one-two punch, it certainly does kick All That Heaven Allows's ass. What's interesting is that Far from Heaven seems to be deliberately playing up the melodrama, yet it still feels genuine in the right places. I like All That Heaven Allows a lot, but not for the same reasons, I've realized. I think it's kind of funny, even though it does deliver a dramatic tale. Far from Heaven is truly sad. And visually, it's just plain beautiful. Julianne Moore makes it even more so. You're right, it is better than Sirk's film. But we are still talking about two great movies, here.