Tully vs. A Quiet Place



on 8/3/2018

I'm almost a bit surprised that I've managed to see these two 2018 releases since, in recent times, I've made an effort to steer clear (as much as possible) from most recent films which isn't to say that I don't watch any recent movies either. Anyways, both movies deal with very much with the theme of parenthood, one as a survival horror film and the other as a comedy drama. I liked both movies quite a bit but both movies for me have one critical flaw that takes away quite a bit from what could've been. In "Tully", I'm not a fan of the twist that I feel undoes some of the emotion and heart that had been established up to that point and in "A Quiet Place", I wish the film utilized even more heavily the idea of silence as a tool for a horror movie. It might seem like an odd complaint given the film's reputation already but watching this at home, while it was suspenseful, *rarely* felt unbearable and it's things like the really banal score that I felt detracted from the effectiveness of the film. With all that said, I like both movies quite a bit and for now, I'll take Tully.