Batman vs. Batman



on 7/19/2009

Wow. What are the odds? First matchup on loading the site!

on 7/19/2009

One of the few times I am going to have to go with Tim Burton.

on 7/20/2009

Prince wins.

on 7/21/2009

Adam West is probably my favourite Batman. The Sixties Batman was so much fun! The music by Nelson Riddle is timeless, no jokes I love this version of Batman. It's over the top without making me want to stab out my eyes and ears, unlike the Schumacher films. I appreciate Burton trying to bring more of the grittiness of the comics to the films but I think he tried to have it both ways (esp. Batman Returns). That darker element wasn't successfully done until Nolan came along and gave us the definitive Batman film with The Dark Knight. My only complaint about the earlier Batman film is that Julie Newmar wasn't onboard to play Catwoman....

on 7/30/2009

A hard choice, but i'll always vote for less camp.

on 8/2/2009

I love Batman: The Movie, as well as the tv show. Grew up watching it. But Burton's Batman is something special, as is most projects he gets his hands on.

on 8/22/2009

Tim Burton's Batman is simply the better movie. But at least the 60's Batman movie was far and away better than Batman & Robin.

on 11/7/2009

Loved Tim Burton's Batman at the time, but I don't think it has aged particularly well. The 1966 Batman, however, is as fun to watch now as it was when I was 4. Maybe even a little more, because I now understand how much of the movie's dialogue is actually about sex.

on 1/23/2010


on 3/4/2010

Burtons Batman is better, the 1966 version is not bad at all, but it's more funny the serious.

on 5/11/2010

Fuck everyone, my Uncle Bing will always be king.

on 9/20/2010

My admiration for Adam West's Batman begins and ends with the Riddler saying "Riddle me this!" I'd gladly take Burton's film over the campy one.

on 10/14/2010

The 60s Batman is what I feel Batman should be like. I'd take it over The Dark Knight, that's for sure. But I'm going to go ahead and pick the first Batman movie I saw, Burton's.

on 2/17/2011

Holy quandary Batman!?! Give me Adam West over Michael Keaton. . .

on 3/29/2012

Pretty funny, haha. If anyone picked the first one they are nuts.

on 9/2/2013

60s Batman shows that a more playful and funny Batman can work, unlike the attempts Schumacher. Despite it not being too serious, Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin and Cesar Romero certainly offer some of the best representations of villians of any Batman adaption. Having said all that the darkness of Burton's Batman is excellent, and along with Batman returns it is, in my opinion, a highpoint of the Batman film saga.

on 10/8/2015

I'll choose Batman (1989), mostly for Jack Nicholson.

on 10/11/2015

Batman '89, no contest!

on 5/22/2017

'66 VS '89, both are great but I prefer '89.

on 5/18/2019

Keaton and Nicholson>West and Romero