Batman Begins vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



on 3/9/2010

really, really hard


on 5/23/2010

I agree. They're really close for me. One just above the other. Subject to change, but I'll give it to Fellowship.

on 6/4/2010

I adore Batman Begins, and am consistently surprised that it doesn't even rank in my Top 30. I definitely owe Christopher Nolan for rebooting Batman in style. But meanwhile, Fellowship is my #1 movie, so...

on 9/21/2010

Pretty much what the others said. Fellowship's my #1, but Batman Begins is also in my top 30

on 9/23/2010

I give the edge to Fellowship, simply because of the story it tells. Both films are top class though.

on 3/16/2011

Echo / " marks to all of the above... except for Fellowship being the #1 movie on a rankings list... I can respect it... but I dissagree... My top 10 is not complete... However for my book... Braveheart will be very hard to take down!

on 3/17/2011

This is a really hard choice. The only reason I'm going to give it to Batman Begins is because Batman is a cooler character than Frodo. Tough though.

on 2/12/2012

Fellowship crushes here.

on 2/24/2012

I have a feeling we are all going to wish Nolan had filmed his trilogy together like LOTR did. This franchise peeked with TDK. Batman Begins is very average and gets destroyed by every LOTR film.

on 2/24/2012

Batman Begins for me. Fellowship was great, but it seemed to drag at times and some scenes just felt awkward (Frodo/Gandalf's first meeting) Batman Begins for the Win.

on 2/17/2013

Best LOTR against best Batman. Flickchart you've got me again.

on 2/17/2013

They're both phenomenal but BEGINS tells a more focused story and gives each character exactly the amount of screen time it deserves. Bale exhibited the different dimensions to Bruce Wayne most effectively in this film, although he did a fantastic job in the other two Bat flicks as well. The hotel scene where he stumbles into Rachel perfectly captures the complexity of a tortured soul like Bruce Wayne, transforming from a smug, self-satisfied douche into vulnerability personified in a matter of seconds. Great acting! So, yep, BEGINS feels like a more complete start to an epic journey than FELLOWSHIP. Tough choice.

on 2/17/2013

Fellowship. Begins...ain't...that...great.

on 2/18/2013

Both are amazing stars to amazing trilogies. I'm gonna give this one to the movie that started my favorite film trilogy of all time and that would be Batman Begins.

on 2/27/2013

Best of their trilogies but LOTR can never be beaten for me

on 3/2/2013

My favorite of the two trilogies, two of the best intro movies both in my top 15 but LOTR 1 is my no. 1 film so there you go

on 3/18/2013

Fellowship is one spot above on my list.

on 3/18/2013

Fellowship all the way! Batman Begins is in my top 30 but Fellowship his #1 and I can't vote against it

on 3/18/2013

Not really difficult for me. While they're both part of two of the greatest trilogies of all time, BB is the worst of its trilogy while FOTR is arguably the best of its trilogy. FOTR wins easily.

on 3/18/2013

Well, The Dark Knight may be in the same league as The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, but Batman Begins isn't.

on 6/3/2014

LOTR;Fellowship of the Ring.

on 6/4/2014

Two fantastic starts to two fantastic trilogies. Batman Begins is my favorite here.

on 5/12/2018

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

on 5/13/2018

Fellowship of the rings.

on 5/14/2018



on 5/14/2018

Another vote for Lord of the Rings.

on 7/7/2019

Fellowship destroys here, Batman Begins is anything simple.

on 7/7/2019

Sorry I meant to say Batman Begins isn’t anything simple unproven.