Bonnie and Clyde vs. Something Wild



on 11/23/2010

Both of these movies are about how living the wild life can bite you in the ass, I figure. With Bonnie and Clyde, you got two people who go on a crime spree mostly just for the thrill of it. After causing a good amount of havoc, their lawless lifestyle is cut short by a barrage of hot lead. In Something Wild, Jeff Daniels is a wannabe rebel who meets up with the more worldly (and criminally inclined) Melanie Griffith. Ray Liotta plays Griffith's maniac husband who was just released from prison, and he isn't keen on sharing her with a square like Daniels. Griffith and Daniels are actually a positive influence on each other in Something Wild, while Beatty and Dunaway's relationship is negative. Of course, getting filled with bullets doesn't leave any opportunity for personal growth. The moral of Something Wild, I think, is that "It's better to be a live dog than a dead lion." This is debatable, depending on how long you get to be a lion before you die... but I got the general point. Bonnie and Clyde weren't very successful at being lions or dogs. Anyway, Something Wild is more entertaining.