Dawn of the Dead vs. Night of the Living Dead



on 7/20/2009

While the original Night of the Living Dead would win hands down when it comes to atmosphere Dawn of the Dead just means a lot more to me and I think its impact on the entire genre makes it one of the most important horror movies ever made.

on 7/26/2009

"Night" was groundbreaking in its day -- not just for horror movies, but for independent filmmakers, as well -- but coming back with a bigger budget, Romero definitely topped himself in every way with "Dawn". It's everything I want from genre movies.

on 11/17/2009

Dawn is the middle child and should be treated as such. Praise the eldest. Night wins.

on 12/7/2009

ahh both 10/10 films for me, so is Day Of The Dead, but in the end i must give the win to Dawn

on 6/23/2010

Night of the Living Dead is great for what it is but Dawn of the Dead is soooo much better. Even the remake of Dawn is better than any of the shitty Night remakes.

on 7/4/2010

Night of the Living Dead revolutionized the zombie/horror genre, but for me Dawn was not only one of the best horror movies of all time, but also one of the best movies period.

on 9/11/2010

I think the thing that gives "Night" the edge is the documentarian style. "Night" freaked me out like few other films have. "Dawn" and "Day" are great movies too, but I think "Night" will always be the ultimate zombie movie to me.

on 4/9/2011

Movies from the same series but what a difference a decade makes. I like Night of the Living Dead better but Dawn of the Dead is incredibly strong also and one of the most important horror films ever made. Tough decision. . .

on 4/9/2011

Night is by far the superior of these two. It's the rawest, meanest, harshest little film. It's not got an ounce of fat on it. It does what it does fantastically well. Dawn is good and has fun with its message, but it's not match for its ancestor.

on 4/28/2012

"dawn" was more entertaining then "night" (by a bit) it scared me more then "night" ( by quite a bit) it had a better sub text then "night" (again by quite a bit, IMO)"dawn" had the better acting ,better script but "night`' had the better atmosphere. Although atmosphere is important to me, "Dawn" wins.

on 4/28/2012

Both are classic films of one of my favorite genres. The first film actually introduced me to the horror genre. I remember the first time when I saw "Night", the devouring of human flesh and intestines by the zombie hoard, not to mention the shock of seeing survivors turn on and kill each other. I also greatly enjoyed the 1990 remake. Still, Dawn does have the more likeable and interesting characters, plus more creative ways of surviving. Also, this film debuted the musical scores which would be used in several zombie films afterwards and seemed way ahead of its time. Dawn of the dead for the Win!

on 7/25/2013

I really can go either way here.

on 7/26/2013

I pretty much like all of the Romero zombie films better than anyone's else zombie films with few exception but his "Dawn of the Dead" is the absolute best of the lot.

on 4/3/2014

I don't remember a thing from Dawn of the Dead all I know is that I seen it so I have to re watch it so we will see what my choice is after but it is going to be pretty hard for Dawn of the Dead to beat Night of the Living Dead in my book so we will see

on 10/9/2014

Night was pretty good overall, but really dragged at times. The characters in Dawn were much better and the intensity was way more. Dawn easily takes this.

on 2/5/2016


on 1/20/2017

I think it's funny that some people thought Night did but Dawn didn't, because I think it's the opposite. Like PCNewOnes said, Night doesn't have an ounce of fat on it. It also has great atmosphere, is truly scary, and the gore and zombie makeup look much better in B&W. Dawn had good humor, I liked the inherent social commentary of zombies in a shopping mall, and Francine was 100% better than the female characters in Night, but it just didn't land as hard as its predecessor, IMHO.

on 6/1/2017

Night of the Living Dead seems to have aged better in my opinion.

on 12/5/2018

I'm more of a dawn fan. It just holds up better.