Rear Window vs. The Birds



on 4/15/2010

The Birds is great for what it is but vastly overrated. Rear Window.


on 4/15/2010

Rear Window is one of the best films ever made. The Birds is right up there but no Rear Window.

on 6/17/2010

Rear Window takes the win. Brilliant setting and finish.

on 6/28/2010

Epic Hitchcock matchup! Have to go with Rear Window!

on 11/8/2010

Oh.... this one is tough. I'll have to go with "Rear Window", such a good movie.

on 9/22/2013

I've seen 13 Hitchcock films so far, The Birds is my least favorite and Rear Window is my favorite.

on 9/25/2013

Rear Window.

on 11/3/2013

I'm in the minority here, but I enjoy The Birds more, even though Rear Window is still great.

on 1/5/2014

The Birds is great, but not really in the same league as Rear Window.

on 5/26/2014

Rear Window is a masterpiece such a great use of the camera and shadows with Stewat at his best and Grace looking so amazing Rear window beats a birds film that I really enjoy.

on 11/22/2014

The more times I watch The Birds, the less impressed I am by it. The reverse is true of Rear Window. The dude in the wheelchair wins...

on 8/24/2015

The two Hitchcock I had the praise of see. Both are excellent 10-rated films (and look, I'm 14), but Rear Window wins this at the end of the day.