Predator 2 vs. Predator



on 8/9/2009

Arnold and Carl Weathers vs Danny Glover and Bill Paxton No contest! The original is the best

on 8/30/2009

the original was much better

on 3/14/2010

I like the sequel, but the original is obviously much better.

on 3/17/2010

This is one of the biggest declines in quality from original to sequel in movie history. I mean, I've seen crappier movies than Predator 2, and I don't hate it, but seriously....

on 3/17/2010

Oh, and here's hoping that Robert Rodriguez and Nimròd Antal don't screw up this summer's Predators. We haven't had a good Predator movie in 23 years....

on 10/12/2010

Can you even compare Predator 1 to Predator 2. ARNOLD ALL THE WAY!

on 3/8/2012

Predator by far.

on 9/9/2012

C'mon guys! Predator 2 was awesome as well. I don't understand the hate. Danny Glover did a pretty good job and the city setting does keep things interesting. Still, going with the original classic.

on 9/9/2012

Predator wins with ease

on 9/27/2015

Predator 2 was fun, but Predator was much more.

on 9/27/2015

C'mon now son...