Ed Wood vs. The Disaster Artist



on 12/10/2017

Your movies-about-the-making-of-infamously-bad-movies... double feature ! The Disaster Artist has some funny scenes, but Ed Wood actually is a VERY well made and acted such movie, including career highlight performances from Bill Murray and Johnny Depp, and gorgeous black and white cinematography.

on 12/12/2017

Two films that both have very similar plots and messages except Ed Wood does The Disaster Artist is better. Disaster Artist is a good film. It has good acting and it was a joy to watch with some emotional and comedic elements mixed in. Although, it never really develops a lot but only touches upon them. Ed Wood, both develops the mindset of the man and his horrid productions while also having a great story, superb performances and that beautiful b&w cinematography.

on 12/13/2017

Ooh, close one. I loved The Disaster Artist, but I'm not ready to put it ahead of Ed Wood.

on 3/31/2018

Both of these films get more credit than they deserve. That being said, I feel like Ed Wood seems to capture the true feel of the individuals they were trying to portray.


on 6/16/2018

Two very good films with similar themes. I prefer the hilarious tribute to the best worst movie of all time The Room. James Franco was absolutely brilliant and nailed the most eccentric director and actor of all time.He had all the passion and zero talent. He tore me apart with laughter and his misguided diligent nature.