Ed Wood vs. The Artist



on 4/7/2012

It's weird to compare these two.

on 9/23/2012

The Artist is a fine movie, but it's not the kind of film one wants to watch over and over again. Ed Wood is much more that kind of film and is an easy winner here.

on 9/23/2012

If you asked me this right after seeing it, I would have chosen The Artist. But, several months after I first watched The Artist, I've changed my tune on the movie. Ed Wood wins.

on 9/25/2012

The Artist. It did so much with virtually no dialogue.

on 8/7/2013

The Artist is alright, but it's not that good. The comedy is fine, but the drama isn't quite as affecting as it should be. Ed Wood is the clearly, clearly the much better film. The comedy is far funnier, and the drama much more well done. It's more original, it's got a better message, the friendship between Lugosi and Wood is much better than the relationship between George & Peppy, the acting is more memorable and it's just a better overall film. Howard Shore's score might not be able to hold a candle to Bource's fantastic score, I give The Artist that, but Ed Wood is the clear winner.

on 7/21/2014

The Artist was an interesting experiment but ultimately I think it kinda failed. What the filmamkers realized was that no one really makes silent films any more for a reason-it's just too hard to express drama when compared to talkies. Ed Wood wins because it doesn't feel the need to forcibly restrain itself.

on 7/21/2014

Ed Wood....

on 7/21/2014

Definitely Ed Wood. I liked The Artist, but it didn't deserve the Best Picture award.