The Bourne Ultimatum vs. Iron Man



on 5/13/2011

Oh god..

on 9/10/2013

I think I have to pick Bourne

on 9/11/2013

Best Bourne over best Iron Man.

on 9/12/2013

Bourne, one of the best action dramas of the 21st century. Iron Man is nothing more than a watered-down Batman Begins with a flat supporting cast that fail to carry their own weight and rely entirely on Downey to carry the film.

on 9/12/2013

Sorry but I have never found Bourn that entirely compelling, interesting premise for one movie but I felt it was all the same formula.

on 9/13/2013

Iron Man feels more special, I guess. Bourne flicks are fun but didn't exactly have Downey's punch.

on 10/12/2015

All the Bourns beat Iron Man. BUT I love how everything relates and points right back to the Batman movies. I think it's in your best interest to stop watching Avengers movies SquareMaster. I don't think they are up your ally.

on 5/14/2017

4 Damon Bourne Films>Iron Man>Captain America: Civil War>Incredible Hulk>Every other film in the MCU>Bourne Legacy

on 5/14/2017

Iron Man is clearly superior.