The Social Network vs. Steve Jobs



on 11/2/2015

As I add Steve Jobs to my chart, I get this? I do love that Aaron Sorkin is working with directors I never would have imagined filming a Sorkin script. These are both dynamic films even though they are both mostly people in rooms talking to each other. I guess I'll go Social Network until I've had more time with Steve Jobs.

on 1/5/2016

Steve Jobs starts off great, but it all feels rather repetitious after that first act. And it features one of the most unearned happy endings ever. Give me the unredeemed Mark Zuckerberg of The Social Network.

on 2/23/2016

While Steve Jobs is a great movie, it pales in comparison to Sorkin's TRUE masterpiece script. Steve Jobs could've benefited from being more broader in scope and revealing more about his life. The Social Network hits everything perfectly.

on 2/23/2016

The Social Network.

on 2/23/2016

Steve Jobs is a damn good film and I think Fassbender gives a better performance than Eisenberg, but The Social Network is just fantastic.

on 8/16/2017

the social network

on 11/20/2018

I'll be the first to go against the grain.

on 11/20/2018

The Network....