National Lampoon's Vacation vs. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation



on 8/19/2009

2 vacations, but only one can win. Gots to go with Wally World. Stupid Moose.

on 1/10/2010

It's been a bazillion years since I've seen the first Vacation movie. Just watched Christmas Vacation at xmas-time and it still made me laugh. Made my sister-in-law just about fall of the couch laughing. It's hard when you remember thinking a movie was hilarious, but not having seen it in something like 20 years and only being able to remember bits and pieces.

on 3/9/2010

Really the only two good films in the series although, Vegas Vaction did have its moments.

on 11/2/2010

Two of the greatest comedies of all time. I prefer Christmas Vacation because it's simply hilarious every time I watch it (and I actually watch it almost every year around Christmas), but the original Vacation is some great fun as well. Gotta love Chevy Chase as Clark W. Griswold.

on 11/2/2010

Vacation is probably my all-time favorite comedy. Christmas Vacation is the only other one in the series I enjoy.

on 2/22/2011

Actually kinda hard. I'll give the nod to the original.

on 2/23/2011

I'm going with the original. Two classics, without a doubt...

on 8/29/2011

Somehow I like Christmas Vaction better!

on 9/4/2012

Vacation wins here.

on 4/19/2014

I do prefer the first one

on 6/6/2014

Yeah, the two best but the original rules.

on 6/6/2014

Definitely the best installments in the series. I've always been more of a fan of Christmas Vacation myself. It's in my top 20.

on 11/27/2014

Christmas Vacation is better, like, waaaay better. "Shitter was full"

on 12/5/2015

Both are really good, but the Vacation '83 holds up better. Like, the only good Rusty, and less bullshit.

on 12/5/2015

Both make me piss myself laughing....x-mas by a hair

on 1/22/2017

I've never really seen Vacation, but Christmas Vacation on the other hand, is funny and still makes me laugh to this day and remains one of my favorite movies