Shaun of the Dead vs. Dawn of the Dead



on 7/13/2009

EPIC SHOWDOWN OF EPIC DESTINY!!!! ...and zombies....

on 7/21/2009

Shaun is really funny and surprisingly scary. Dawn of the Dead is scary and a little bit funny. Shaun gets the edge.

on 9/14/2009

I had been wondering when this would pop up. Satire or satire on top of satire....hmmm.

on 10/9/2009

While I love the DotD remake and think it was a great re-imagining of the original, Shaun is a much more original movie, saying things and giving us images and tonalities that we hadn't been given before. Both are entirely watchable and rewatchable films, though, if zombies are your bag.

on 10/11/2009

The original DAWN OF THE DEAD is better than either, but despite the 2004 DAWN being surprisingly well-made, is no SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

on 12/11/2009

While I am a big horror comedy fan, Shaun's jokes fall flat too often for it to compete with the Dawn remake even with it's less than stellar acting.

on 3/22/2010

Dawn of the Dead is a good remake, but Shaun of the Dead is better in so many ways...

on 5/19/2010

I really dig both. Love both, actually. But Pegg and Frost killed it in SotD and I love horror-comedies when they're done right, so Shaun gets the win.

on 6/9/2010

Shaun over Dawn. Pegg is much more fun to watch than anyone in Dawn.

on 7/29/2010

Shaun wins this one. Ask me about Romero's original and the situation might be different. Brilliantly funny zombie film.

on 10/4/2010

Shaun of the Dead hands down. Shaun did everything right. I will admit Dawn did a few pretty cool things (half zombie baby) but it also had my biggest pet peeve with most new zombie movies, made them run.

on 10/5/2010

LOL the actual film versus its parody

on 3/2/2011

Shaun of the Dead's EASILY one of the best films of the past 10 years. Dawn of the Dead's a good movie for what it was, but it doesn't hold a candle to this masterpiece.

on 9/3/2012

Obviously Dawn o--oh, is that the remake?

on 1/21/2013

If this was the original we would have a fight on our hands, but the wonderful satire of Shaun of the Dead (that also manages to be freaky and funny at the same time, has the perfect blend of casting, jokes and fun.

on 8/26/2014

This is a really tough decision. Both are very rewatchable. Both are entertaining, though Shaun is more amusing while Dawn is more creepy. What I chose today may not be the same as what I would chose tomorrow.