Superman vs. Batman



on 7/8/2009

Superman all the way. In my book, he's the best superhero ever with Batman a close second. However, when it comes to these two movies: Superman by a mile. This is pure cinema. That John Williams score. The cast. The first two thirds of the movie are the best parts and that's before Clark even becomes Superman! And the Kansas scenes are pure Americana.

on 8/23/2009

I love Batman but the original Superman film is iconic. Christopher Reeves IS Superman!!

on 10/10/2009

I've always thought 'Superman' as a hero is great idea but never that great in execution, so 'Batman' has my vote.

on 10/28/2009

Flying backwards thro

on 11/30/2009

This is the only battle in which Superman will always beat Batman.

on 2/18/2010

Christopher Reeves as Superman was great, no doubt on that, but the the whole Batman movie is better than an actor

on 6/12/2010

I liked Burton's Batman, but the original Superman film is a true classic.

on 9/13/2010

I, too, appreciated Christopher Reeves as Superman/Clark Kent, as well as Margot Kidder as Lois & John Williams's score. But Hackman's Luthor never did much for me, and the final act--insisted upon by the studio--never worked for me, either. "Batman" all the way.

on 3/27/2011

Aw come on!

on 6/29/2011

Superman is a better movie and a better superhero.

on 11/20/2011

Christopher Reeve was the best Superman, and the movie almost worked. But BATMAN is my personal fave, since Tim Burton knew exactly how to portray a jaded hero as well as a gleefully homicidal clown. Also, Danny Elfman beats John William's score.

on 11/20/2011

I know, let's randomly go back in time in order to remove all obstacles and errors, thereby nullifying the need for an actual resolution! Brilliant! That's what good writers do when they don't have any logical way to end a story. Also shines a light on Hollywood's pathetic yet absolute desperation to have good triumph over evil. Superman (like Ocean's 12, I guess) is a good movie with a bad, bad ending. Batman, suffers no fools.

on 11/21/2011

It's the original Batman on this one. Nicholson's performance isn't talked about enough...

on 3/3/2012

Oh, this is a hard one!

on 3/3/2012

Lead: Superman Villains: Batman Supporting cast: Superman Action: Batman Plot/story: Superman Superman wins!

on 3/3/2012

Lead: Superman Villains: Batman Supporting cast: Superman Action: Batman Plot/story: Superman Superman wins!

on 3/3/2012

Superman is one of my favourite movies of all time! Batman is not half as good. Marlon Brando as Jor-el = Amazing

on 3/4/2012

This is easy for me Batman is way better superhero and also a way better movie.

on 7/30/2012

Suoerman wins, by a hair.

on 7/31/2012

Gotta go with Batman if it was Superman 2 i would have picked that.

on 2/13/2013

Batman is much better.

on 5/31/2013

It seems like the people involved with Superman thought they were making best movie ever made, or at least trying to. I mean, look: it has the writer and Marlon Brando from The Godfather, the cinematographer from 2001: A Space Odyssey and the production designer and John Williams from Star Wars. Speaking of Star Wars and 2001...yeah, look at the special effects and the credits and tell me the producers weren't inspired. But anyway, did they succeed making the best movie ever made? If you only consider the things I mentioned (the cinematography, the special effects, the score, the writing), then, well, yes. But otherwise, no, not really. But it is a legitimately entertaining and well made superhero film. I'm more of a Batman guy, though. I liked Christopher Reeves more than Michael Keaton, but Batman has Jack frickin' Nicholson (who, no surprise, blows Gene Hackman out of the water). Superman has surprisingly aged better, but Batman '89 is more entertaining, has more memorable lines, and is more my cup of superhero tea.

on 5/31/2013

the best movie ever made*

on 6/1/2013

Christopher Reeve was the best Superman...he set the standard, even though he wasn't the first. However, as a film, BATMAN beats out SUPERMAN by a little bit. Michael Keaton was underappreciated in this and Jack Nicholson could have easily gotten another Academy Award nomination for this. Tim Burton's influence on the genre can still be felt today. It's a shame that Joel Schumacher's attempts almost killed off the Caped Crusader.

on 6/1/2013

"Superman" destroys "Batman". Putting aside any love for the comics, or any other related materials, "Superman" tells the more interesting backstory and origin, partly because "Batman" glosses over a lot of that stuff, but mostly because of the care the filmmakers take to get things right. Tim Burton's "Batman" movie hasn't aged too well, and aside from a tremendous turn from Jack Nicholson, all that's remembered about it really is being serious and having awesome set designs (as all Burton films do). Without any doubt, "Superman" wins.

on 7/22/2013

The correct answer is ''Superman''.

on 3/30/2014

Hahaaa. I just love this matchup!

on 7/6/2015

Both are solid comic book films, but I give the slight edge to Batman.

on 8/12/2015

Reeve made Superman more human than most "human" characters I've seen. He also brings a humor that pokes fun at the genre (such as glasses being such an amazing disguise) but without betraying the character or winking at the camera. It's a truly underrated performance and the movie as a whole holds up remarkably well. I really enjoyed Batman, but it is too focused on the villain (although a really good one in Nicholson) and style. Looking back, it's rather thin in character. The world Burton creates draws you in, but the cartoonish people inhabiting it takes you right out of it (except for the previously mentioned Nicholson and Keaton, who does yeoman's work with a limiting script). Superman without a doubt.

on 8/12/2015

Batman v Superman. Batman takes this one.

on 11/15/2015

Superman is the best superhero movie ever. Batman is a close 3rd.

on 12/22/2015

I just recently saw Superman for the first time and loved. Batman is a good movie but, I give the slight edge to superman.

on 12/25/2015


on 12/25/2015


on 3/25/2016

Batman is entertaining. Easy winner. Although I just watched Superman 1 & 2 for the first time so i'm looking at it in a pure quality standpoint.

on 3/25/2016

Both extremely influential and both tower above most of the genre today. I really like the performances of the hero and villain in both, but my edge goes to the style of Batman which I think has aged a lot better.

on 3/25/2016

Never been a Superman fan or saw a Superman movie I loved... Batman on the other hand has several I loved. Batman wins.

on 3/25/2016

Superman is a really good movie, but Batman is incredible

on 3/25/2016

gotta be batman

on 3/25/2016

Oh, cool beans! Burton's Batman, with a Kryptonite ring. If he were up against Superman II, though...

on 3/25/2016

Shit, did I make the right decision? "The Planet Krypton" just started playing in my head and I feel like I let ol' Jor-El down.

on 12/15/2018

I like how they made Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which it throws Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash.

on 4/13/2019

While Christopher Reeve is iconic in the role and the influence of his movie carries on more in the blueprint of all superhero movies of it's kind, I do feel that Batman is overall the stronger movie. It's very possible that I have more nostalgia with Batman than Superman, however.

on 4/13/2019

Reeves' Superman was always a little too campy for me to truly love, even as a kid. It was superior to Adam West's Batman, but bringing the Dark Knight version to the screen permanently made Batman my favorite superhero. It had the better hero, villain, damsel and I'd argue its change in tone had more impact on comic book movies than any other single movie. Just so nobody thinks I know what I'm talking about though I will confess that Superman IV was probably my favorite of the Reeves series. :)

on 4/23/2019

The first two 'true' comic book franchises. Each with completely different styles. Superman is more joyous while Batman is more gothic. Having seen both in the last week, they've both aged very well considering how much effects and the genre have changed. Christopher Reeve will always be Superman to me and Michael Keaton will always be my favourite Batman! Superman has an amazing origins story and development within the central characters in a real seeming world and Batman focuses a lot on atmosphere and the development of The Joker, played excellently by Jack Nicholson while also hinting at Bruce's tragedic past. I can talk about both all day but to summarise- I prefer Batman for the simple reason that Superman has two scenes that bug me. The 'can you read my mind?' monologue and Superman turning back time. Batman, however, is great throughout!