Sin City: A Dame to Kill For vs. Sin City



on 8/26/2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is a fun movie if you loved the first Sin City but while it has its moments it never quite reaches the the heights of the original.

on 8/26/2014

I luckly enjoy the squeal, but the Original was okay. I Guess.

on 10/2/2014

Not as good as the original, despite the great effects and perfect Eva Green. Still a badass entertaining movie.

on 10/3/2014

Original Sin City.

on 11/23/2014

Gotta go for the original on this one, too.

on 1/6/2015

The original in a mugging...

on 7/26/2015

There are parts of A Dame to Kill For that feel like improvements on the original, but the sequel didn't bring enough of the magic and emotional center that the first one integrated so well.