Transformers vs. Bumblebee



on 1/1/2019


on 1/2/2019

Bumblebee was solid, but the first transformers is much better

on 1/11/2019

Maybe it was low expectations but I had a blast watching Bumblebee. It’s pure dumb sugar fun. WAY better than any Transformers previous.

on Mar 27

Bumblebee didn't do it for me at all. It's way too light on action and it all just felt rather derivative. For me, Transformers wins.

on Mar 29

Bumblebee was overall watchable and amicable of the best transformers reboot above a good agreeable flick it was certainly far better than any all of Michael Bay's garbage worst previous movies has ever done.

on Apr 12

I hated the Transformer movies. All of them, until Bumblebee.