Bridesmaids vs. The Heat



on 7/2/2013

Two films by the same Paul Fieg, both will probably be hialed as "Hot Fuzz and The Hangover with women", and both with so much more heart than that. The Heat works because of the strong chemistry between Bullock and McCarthy and we love to see them work off of one another, alongside the much more heartfelt story surronding the two's more comedic moments (the fact McCarthy's family hates her because she turned her brother in, Bullock's need to impress people with just how awesome she is). Bridesmaids works in a similiar way, but the story feels more intamite since we relate more to Wiig's character so well, and the rest of the cast just does such an amazing job of bringing thier characters to life. I think Bridesmaids is the better film, if only because of the greater intimacy we felt with the story, although both where thier hearts on thier sleaves.

on 8/4/2013

Well, I'd say the humor in both movies is rather hit-or-miss. The difference, however, is when the humor in Bridesmaids hit, it hit BIG. It had quite a few uproariously funny moments, whereas even The Heat's funniest scenes weren't THAT funny. The movie is good for a few chuckles, nothing more. Bridesmaids wins for being more original, and just flat-out funnier.

on 11/17/2013

This is easy! The Heat wins by far. Bridesmaids was one of the most irritating films I have ever seen with the worst characters in existence.