Men in Black vs. Face/Off



on 1/25/2010

Tough choice. Woo's stylistic choices make FO my favorite of his, yet the back and forth between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones makes it alot of fun.

on 5/16/2010

Man, Face/Off is definitely one of my favorite '90s action movies, but every time Men in Black comes up, I try to remember how much I dug that movie the first time I saw it. Usually, that works.

on 6/8/2010

I was really sick the last time I watched Face/Off, and the next morning I felt almost 100 % better. Fluke, or the healing power of FO? I'll let you decide. . .

on 7/10/2012

Men in Black is very watchable and, at times, quite clever; but it's not nearly as good as Face/Off. Yes, its plot is preposterous, but it's just way too much fun.

on 8/23/2017

Men in Black had some great lines, but that's about it. It was kinda boring at times, and just campy, not funny. Face/Off was really fun, and I kinda enjoyed it, despite its kinda dumb plot.